On behalf of the academic staff of the Faculty of Letters, I warmly greet all the visitors of this site. We are happy to have you here and invite you to return anytime either as guests or students of our faculty.

The Faculty of Letters is one of the founding faculties of the oldest higher education establishment in Romania. Over its long evolution, it has managed to achieve exceptional reputation due to its elite academics that have been teaching here, consequently shaping countless generations of intellectuals. Their professors' prestige has influenced the disciples who, scattered all over the country or even farther abroad, have never ceased to reconfirm the value of the philological education in Iasi. Thus, the activity of the professors and students of the Faculty of Letters has added several essential works to the Romanian culture. Moreover, Romanian education has continually benefited from the progression of worthy generations.

Lately, against various difficulties, we have lost neither the will to continue a prominent tradition nor the confidence in ourselves. The Faculty of Letters still has a valuable academic staff and its students have long been making its name known in prestigious schools abroad. If until recently our students were mainly trained to work in education, the job range is more diverse nowadays: we still train students to become teachers of Romanian, foreign languages and literatures, but also translators and interpreters, journalists and specialists in communication.

Many young people coming to the Faculty of Letters think they have a propensity for philology, others have doubts and yet others just want to give it a try. Of all these, many decide to stay, knowing from the very beginning that they will succeed, while others discover that over time and keep on it. In the true spirit of the Junimea society, they are all offered equal chance: "Enter whoever will, stay whoever can!" Yet we mostly invite here those who are fond of reading, of linguistic research, or who have a vocation for journalism and interpretation. To put it differently, we invite here all the humanist spirits who feel that the Romanian school and culture need enthusiastic professionals.


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